This module explores key themes in the development of children through the early years, middle childhood and into adolescence, covering attachment, identity, emotions, representation and communication. The module integrates a range of approaches from developmental psychology and childhood studies.

The module will be of interest to students of psychology, early years, and childhood and youth, and any student interested in theories and contemporary research in developmental psychology, including the influences of family and culture.


 Credits 60


 Study method

Online / Postal / Correspondence /

Distance Learning


 Fee 32000/-


What you will study 

The module combines material on developmental psychology integrated with childhood and youth studies, making it attractive across a number of discipline areas.


The module covers aspects of developmental psychology that are not available in the core psychology qualification. It will appeal to a large proportion of students in that programme, and in the Childhood and Youth Studies programme, who have an interest in human development and the lived experiences of children and young people, and the effects of adversity and differing life situations on life outcomes. The module will also be attractive to students following the work-related Early Years programme.


The module contents have been planned to give clear progression from Investigating psychology in the Psychology programme, from Introduction to childhood studies and child psychology in the Childhood and Youth Studies programme and Stage 1 study in Early Years.